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"I am a lover of all things sun kissed and magical. I like to let the little ones dance in the woods and explore the beautiful world around them while capturing their wonderment and laughs."


I'm Dani Howard - wife, mom, and lead professional photographer and editor. I love using my talents to make magic: the pretty princesses ready to dance in the sun, the superheroes ready to conquer the villains, the fairy who dances in the woods, and all the dreams and ideas in between.


I am a true artist, and thrive in any environment where I can be creative. Making you or your child's wildest dreams via photography is the reason I do what I do. Let’s create a story together!

I also love to capture the precious moments of weddings, family portraits, senior portraits, and portraits in general. 

Serving Asheville, NC and Charlotte NC and surrounding areas - will travel upon request with fees.



I am Michelle - associate photographer with Once Upon a Photo. When I first picked up photography a few years ago, I discovered how amazing it is to tell a story and capture memories that last a lifetime. Candid moments and the little details are where my images come to life. I love wondering through nature, finding all the beauty that may go overlooked and recreate the world as I see it. 

I love to do couples, families, and weddings. 

Serving Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas - will travel upon request with fees.

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